Safe Spring Cleaning!

Safe Spring Cleaning!

March 16, 2021

Spring is here!

For most of us, that means stopping to smell the flowers, enjoying the fresh spring air, and spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning can mean many things. Whether it’s cleaning up files on your computer, organizing your wardrobe, getting on a better track to healthy living, or spring cleaning your house — it’s always important to stay safe when cleaning.

Before tackling this annual spring cleaning chore, though, you should be aware of the hazards that may await you: handling household chemicals, lifting heavy objects, navigating around clutter, walking on wet surfaces, and reaching or climbing – to name a few.

Here are 12 tips from Safety and Health Magazine for keeping spring cleaning safe:

  • Declutter before cleaning
  • Go mild
  • Read the label
  • Ventilation is your friend
  • Consider a mask
  • Glove up
  • Get a mop
  • Avoid wet floors
  • Safely store cleaning products
  • Stay safe on step stools
  • Lift with caution
  • Stay hydrated

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What will you be spring cleaning this year?