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After her husband’s retirement from the military in 1990, owner of Jaron & Associates, Janice Duval, was motivated to learn about financial services. After all, retirement with a pension is very different from retirement with a nest egg. Realizing that even though the pension was adequate, it was not sufficient to continue to enjoy complete freedom from supplemental income, Jan began her career in financial services.

Jan joined Primerica, an organization whose focus was financial education for young families to empower them by teaching the financial strategies of the wealthy 1%. Their mantra was, “Buy term and invest the difference.” One of the key principles learned is that consistent small investments can equal a greater return at retirement. Most young couples do not know this. In addition, Jan became aware that a large number of young families are under insured for life insurance to cover even the basic needs of a family in the event of the loss of a primary breadwinner, and most families do not consider the untimely loss of a primary care giver, such as a wife and mother. These were all motivating factors in choosing this path.

Seeing too many instances of financial misinformation on unsuspecting young families, Jan decided she wanted to help them by simplifying the insurance buying process, and educating them on the benefits of goal settings and planning for the future. By treating each client as a valuable individual, Jan represents her clients to the companies that Jaron & Associates is affiliated with.

After many years as an associate with other companies, Jan decided to launch out and form her own agency, and Jaron & Associates was formed in 2001. Over the years, as adequate health care has become such a major issue for many families; with seniors living increasingly longer and enjoying better health, plus baby boomers coming of age for Medicare, Jan has prioritized her practice to address these health care service needs.

Jan is an active member of the community and is currently affiliated with A2Y Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Association of MI and Michigan Association of Health Underwriters.

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